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Neo15Neo is the president and founder of #TRANSFitCon and the chairman of the FTM Foundation. He’s an author, speaker, life coach and business consultant. 

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12694813_10204719412619993_7785964522211908859_oAngel has been a graphic designer/photographer for the past 10 years both for companies contracted with the military on Fort Benning, and as the owner of her own small firm Digital Halo Media. She has also worked in the field of internet marketing using her skills to teach both small businesses and individuals how to get their products in front of their target audience.

For the past 2 years, Angel has taken the skills she has acquired in both of these fields to help the Trans Fit Con become the amazing event that it is today, and looks forward to many more years as a part of the team.




12039310_10100665550997658_2843767729945091309_n (4)I have dedicated the last several years to empower people with fitness. Not many people understand the power that fitness has to improve our lives. From better health and nutrition to an increase in confidence, self worth, and determination.

This is a MUST for anyone transitioning. Fitness saved my life, and I want to pay it forward by helping those who are lost and looking to become the best version of themselves. 






IMG_3951Jayson Lane became a Physical Therapist Assistant after earning his Associates of Science Degree from South University in 2002. He proudly works for Rehabilitative Services at Fort Stewart Georgia. He is always seeking to broaden his knowledge base to better serve his patients and is currently working towards ASTYM, TRX and the NSCA’s TSAC certifications. Both his career and passion for physical fitness have given him the drive to lose over 100 lbs in the last decade. He uses all of this knowledge and continual studies of fitness and workout regimens to help others work toward fitness and weight loss goals of their own.

Jayson began his social transition in 2009 and medical transition in 2012. He lives in Midway, Georgia with his husband Justin Lane and is Co-Facilitator for Transcendents, the Savannah-area Trans support group. The non-stop energy he possesses is perfect for getting things done. This is Jayson’s second year as part of the Volunteer Coordinator Team.



Justin Lane is a Licensed Master Barber with a meticulous eye for detail. He also obtained P.O.S.T. Certification as a GA State Correctional Officer in 2007 and earned his Associate’s of Applied Science in Surgical Technology Degree in 2003. Among his life’s accomplishments is the fact that he has assisted in raising 13 children! Justin’s social transition started in 2004 and medical transition in 2010. He and his husband, Jayson, have been together through every injection and surgery. It is their commitment to each other and the strength he has gained from life experiences that help him lend an open ear to others.

He is Lead Facilitator of the Savannah-area Trans support group, Transcendents. He selflessly dedicates his time to the members of the group with advice, guidance, resource sharing, and chaperoning to medical appointments. It is within this community that he finds drive to better the future for those yet to come. This is Justin’s second term as a Volunteer Coordinator.



20160125_222121I’m Hunter! A rather young, optimistic, and enthusiastic young guy who always searches for happiness and friendship in life. I love anything creative, drawing, sewing, acting, however, I also have interests in areas of economics and public speaking. But what I mainly search for in life is friends. Friendship is a value I hold dear in my life, and my love of humanity’s ability to change and prosper is a testament to that! I love people!




12625879_951649958260302_925396575_nDiamond Stylz is one of the premier transgender voices of our community. She has been blazing the trail of advocacy and visibility since  she was 17 years old when she won her first First Amendment rights case against her high school to go to the prom simply in a dress . That win set her on fire and she continuing to break ground.

In college, she became the first openly transgender woman to attend Jackson State University a HBCU in conservative  Mississippi. She has continued her work with a new medium: YouTube. As a video blogger, she has taken Trans visibility to new heights by not only sharing her story but sharing the stories of other Trans people all around the country. Through amazing storytelling and honest self-reflection, Diamond Stylz, like pioneers before her, has opened the world to a new chapter of Black Trans femininity and experience like never seen before.