Exhibitors are organizations and/or professionals who choose to display or sell items during all 3 days of the conference. The registration is for a 6 feet table and comes with access to all the workshops and activities* for you and one assistant. 

Health Fair Providers will setup on the 3rd day (Saturday) in the ballroom to offer a service or assessments to attendees at a small cost or at no charge. This could be anything from massages to assessments (fitness, chiropractic, etc.) to consultations (surgery, readings, etc.). 

Exhibitor/Health Fair Provider Registration Form



Thank you for including #TransFitCon in your business plans!

Please arrive  as early as 8 AM to get your badge and display your items at your assigned table.

*All exhibitors and health fair providers can attend any workshop and non-paid activities. Meals are not included; additional tickets for competitions or other paid evening events can be purchased separately.

***Please note that the registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.***